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We are grateful to our many customers who have taken the time to send us their review about trips they have taken with us. If you would like to comment on a trip you have taken with us, please use the review form below.

We would love to hear from you. Steve & Toni Goodman,  Elite Goody Tours.

"Our Favorite Tour Company"

“We love the Branson tours & sign up for every one that goes there. Donna is the best tour guide ever. We like the fact that you add different shows all the time instead of running the same ones every time. Keep up the good work.”

~ Carol – Lincoln, Ne


“I have heard you have some great trips to casino;s and other places through a friend that has used your services.. Id love to hear about your offers – Thank you”

~ Georgia – Hudson, Wi

"Trip was GREAT! - LOVE NEW YORK!"

“Delene did a marvelous job during the trip made the trip very enjoyable. She is a wonderful tour guide. Gary was a great driver and did a very good job. Looking forward to my next adventure with ELITE!”

~ Sandra – Lincoln, Ne


Rated 1 out of 5
August 17, 2021

Everything about the Brownsville bus trip was totally unacceptable. When Steve was contacted about the conditions he was rude and didn’t care to hear anything regarding what I and every other person on the trip had to say. His words were you aren’t getting a refund and a refund wasn’t even mentioned by me. To start off when we got off on the Brownsville exit we were told they were stopping at a restaurant so we could use their restrooms because the museum we were to tour didn’t have restrooms. Mind you this trip was mostly senior citizens and the museum stop was to be for 2 hours. Most of the 41 people got off the bus to use the restrooms which included people with walkers and canes. We were give 10 minutes to get off the bus get into the restaurant wait in line and back to bus put walkers back into luggage compartment and leave. It was a fiasco. Next stop the museum which mind you must have been underwater from the flooding and no sidewalks no weeds mowed or even the ruts smoothed out for getting off the bus and getting up to the museum. And to top it off the museum was an old ship with very little cleanup from the flood. There were so many unsafe steps more than half the guests on the bus couldn’t even tour the so called museum. We were told we could walk up to the stores in Brownsville because they were suppose to open for us at 9 which was early for them on a Sunday but the bus line had checked it out and they would open early. The bus did not drive us to the Main Street we were told to walk. Well it was more than the 3 blocks which we were told no sidewalks and every place you steps was either ruts or weed. I’m surprised no one fell. We got to the stores and not one was open. At this point the bus driver did drive the bus up from the museum so we didn’t have to walk back. The stores opened at 10:30 an hour and a half late so we had 30 minutes to shop. They did extend the time by 15 minutes which took all of that to get everyone back on the bus and walkers back in luggage area. Next to the ship to eat and take a cruise down the river. Most of the guests couldn’t go to the top to sit because of the stairs. The ship had cobwebs and was not clean. The food was not good. I won’t go into detail just say overcook. The dessert was a small brownie made from a box half baked with canned frosting. Oh and no water with the meal oh yeah for $2 you could buy a bottle. Next to the theater, which my understanding was going to be a play. We’ll it was jazz music and tap dancing. He was good but not what I expected or was looking forward to. I heard so many complaints. I hope each and everyone writes a review because I know I wasnt the only one disappointed. I invited my mom and sister and wanted to have some really great memories which didn’t happen. Another lady on the trip said her husband was a quadriplegic and this was her one day out to enjoy and she was so disappointed. Another lady said do you realize how long it took to save $100. I feel worse for them. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am.

Marsha Smith

Trip to Galena, IL

Rated 5 out of 5
July 23, 2021

We just got home from our first bus tour. Had a wonderful time. Our tour guide and driver were the best. Oh, we went to Galena, IL. We will use this tour group again.

Dennis and Jeanie

A 3 day Horror Summer Lincoln to Branson

Rated 1 out of 5
July 21, 2021

3 day Horror…
1) late itinerary
2) packed bus with 2 other half full
3) Tour guide personal stop for almost hour causing delay and lost supper reservation in B
4) Tour Guide unable find emergency kit for a passenger injury
5) delays delays miss supper reservation
6) Arrive back Lincoln 2 hours late..


Niagara Falls (June 6 - 12)

Rated 5 out of 5
July 19, 2021

Being first trip with Goody we were pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it was. Driver and guide we give a A+. Trip was well planned even though last minute changes had to be made due to virus. Tour cost were reasonable. Already signed up for our next trip Branson, Here We come!!!

Dennis & Doris

A Horror Branson in June

Rated 1 out of 5
June 26, 2021

A horror the June Branson Tour, faulty planning and passengers adventure disaster. June way to crowded to find a place to eat..two restaurants unable to served group, 12-13 hours on bus starting around 7 AM till after 10 PM.
Hotel no housekeeping service and several rooms no soap. Hotel said late booking and not business as usual. Personally for me my of AC show cancelled due to Covid. Finally the driver’s explation of trip one word..interesting and tour person in 40 years never had these issues..when was last Branson Trip in late June with Elite stuffing the bus. Does every Elite Tour arrive 2 hour late, two hour late back home for passengers?

Jack W Hurley

We are grateful to our many customers who have taken the time to send us their review about trips they have taken with us. If you would like to comment on a trip you have taken with us, please complete the review form. We would love to hear from you.

Steve and Toni Goodman, Owners of Elite Tours.